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10+ Years

experience in Crating, Moving & Relocation Services

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About Company

V&Z Relocation Services

V&Z Relocation Services is leading expert in specialty packaging, crating, and shipping.

We serve residential and business customers in all sectors, including telecommunications, electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, biotechnology, and heavy machinery. The experience trough the years has made V&Z Relocation Services the innovative leader in the small move industry, providing an affordable, and damage free solution for all of your small moving needs. V&Z Relocation Services is trusted by consumers, businesses and contractors to protect their assets with our unique portfolio of services.

Our main objective is for your items to arrive safe, damage-free, and on time. To achieve that goal, we apply our proven expertise to every shipment. Our team of experts evaluates your product, mode of transport, pickup location, delivery destination, and any special handling requirements before we begin the container and cushioning design and build process that will ensure your assets are protected.

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Core Values

One of the reasons we have enjoyed significant growth and tremendous success through the years is that we have always adhered to our core values:


Honesty is our #1 policy.


We have passion and pride in our work.


We are committed to our community, coworkers, and families.


I am the person responsible.


We trust our team and work together to succeed.


We value innovation, will learn more, and share our knowledge.


We respect the knowledge, skills, and experience of all.


We care about your time.


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